Benevolence Request Form

The Chesmont Church of Christ has established a benevolence program for the purpose of providing short-term financial assistance to its members or regular attendees. Please complete this form if you need financial assistance.

Request for Camp Sponsorship

It is the goal of Chesmont Church of Christ to do all it can to aid in the spiritual enrichment in the lives of its members. To further this goal, Chesmont has set aside funds to help those who are having financial difficulty attend one of Camp Manatawny’s summer sessions. In order to be considered for aid, please fill out the form below and return it to the leadership of Chesmont. Please keep in mind, this is not a guarantee of funds.

Expense Reimbursement Form

For Chesmont Members and Ministry Leaders - Please complete the attached form when submitting reimbursement requests.

Coventry Christian Schools

Coventry Christian Schools exists to partner with parents in a community of academic excellence, nurturing young people in the faith, hope and love of Jesus Christ, equipping them to serve God and others. Chesmont meets on the campus of Coventry Christian Schools and has partnered with the school since Chesmont's beginning.

Camp Manatawny

Camp Manatawny is a Christian Camp dedicated to serving people by providing programs and resources that encourage spiritual growth and renewal. Camp is operated by Delaware Valley Christian Camp, an association of members of Churches of Christ in the Mid-Atlantic region. Camp is located in eastern Pennsylvania near Reading.

Youth Advance

Youth Advance is an organization seeking "to identify young leaders within Churches of Christ in the Northeast, train them in leadership from a Christian perspective, broaden their awareness of opportunities to serve, and unleash them on their congregations and the world at large." Youth Advance began with a goal of identifying the most outstanding teenage leaders in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Churches of Christ, bringing them together, and training them to become more involved in the lives of others. Over the past 40 years, more than one thousand students have benefited from the instruction, fellowship, and motivation they have received at Youth Advance.

Hope For Haiti's Children

Hope for Haiti's Children strives to demonstrate Christian compassion to poverty-bound Haitian children and their families, providing opportunities for these children to become leaders in their homes, churches, and communities.

Project Purpose

Project Purpose exists to share with low-income students and families of Pottstown Christ's unique purpose for their lives by providing educational resources and mentoring relationships.​. We are following God’s call to meet the spiritual, educational, and economic needs of these families. We serve students in kindergarten-12th grade. Our volunteer tutors are working to connect and build community with the families they work with. They come from all different backgrounds: nurses, teachers, administrators, college students, high school students, pastors, businesswomen. Yet, all of our tutors have the same desire: to use their tutoring sessions to build resilient students who grow to know the true provider of Purpose, Jesus Christ. Through Project Purpose, we hope to bridge the divide that exists between families and the Pottstown & Pottsgrove School Districts. This can only be done through regular communication with the students’ teachers and their families. To build community, we actively visit the students’ homes. When families feel cared for they can begin to see the purpose to life.

Herald of Truth

Founded in 1952, Herald of Truth began as a local radio program. In the sixties, programs could be heard on 238 radio stations and 50 television stations throughout the United States. In the seventies, coverage grew to 468 radio stations and 152 television stations. Many of the broadcasters became household names in the Christian community. Men like Harold Hazelip, Batsell Barrett Baxter, Glenn Owen, Juan Monroy, Landon Saunders, Phillip Morrison and Randy Becton. Today, Herald of Truth has greatly expanded its ministry with radio and outreach programs now extending across the globe.